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After installation is complete in windows 8.1 or any windows the setup finalize the default setting for your system. In some cases, the process of finalizing your setting may stuck.

The reason may be there are background processes that may stop the process to go further or due to any connected devices to the system. You can easily fix the problem by disconnecting the other connected USB devices. After removing the device you should wait for 5 minutes it will work. If this doesn't work try to end the back ground process.

To do that press shift+F10 to get the command prompt.
⇒Type tasklist in command prompt, it will show you the current tasks running in background. ⇒Now type tasklist /v to view in details. You will see two or three cmd.exe process one of them will be the Microsoft kb update that is causing the problem. ⇒We need to end the right task to fix the probem. Next to the cmd.exe there will be a four digit number which is the process ID. ⇒type taskkill /PID xxxx Replace xxx…