Nokia 6 compared with Nokia lumia 830

Finally, the Nokia 6 is launched globally. It comes with the stock Android Nougat which is a great thing. The Nokia 6 comes with different UI may be because China has issues with Google. The design of Nokia 6 looks similar to Nokia Lumia 830. The front looks more similar but the back side is little different as Nokia Lumia 830 comes with 20 MP camera and Nokia 6 comes with 16 MP. The screen size is different. Nokia 6 has 5.5 inches screen where Nokia Lumia 830 has 5 inches. The another difference is Nokia 6 does not contain cera button. It's a midrange price phone. The price in India may be around 16,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs for different models.

For specification of Nokia 6 visit the website:

For specification of Nokia Lumia 830 visit the website:

Nokia 6 has higher specification compared to Nokia Lumia 830. The price difference is also noticeable. Nokia 6 price is around 16,000 Rs to 20,000 Rs where Nokia Lumia 830 price is around 20,000 Rs to 24,000 Rs.

Nokia has now a great opportunity to make a position in the mobile market. The mwc17 company has announced other phones such as Nokia 3310, Nokia 3 and Nokia 5. Hope the company can make it to a great level.

Watch globally launched Nokia 6 video:
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