Issue to load windows setup using USB, What to do now?

⇒I have encountered this problem a few days ago. I was trying to install windows on PC which has dual bios and gigabyte motherboard. I tried one and a half day to install windows 7. Then I thought that there may be an issue with the ISO file so tried with windows 8 ISO file. But that's also failed to install.

⇒While installing through USB you will see the windows logo but not the loading process in windows 8 setup and on the other hand you will see loading files took too much time in windows 7 setup. After 10-15 minutes you will get the error.

⇒Internet search will show you to download some software and make boot that software and it will fix your problem. But the software won't work. 

⇒The solution is to burn the windows image file to CD-ROM and then install it. It will definitely work.

⇒The following error may be shown on your system.

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